Vendor Insurance Certificates



AB Wildlife (expires 2016-06-02)

Anderson Lawn Care (expires 2017-01-10)

Ballman Earthworks (expires 2016-04-12)

Bax Engineering Professional Liability (expires 2016-06-15)

Doug Gonzalez (expires 2016-08-01)

N.B. West Contracting Company (expires 2017-03-01)

PipeWorks Utilities (expires 2017-06-01)

Spectrum Lawn & Tree Care (EXPIRED 2016-02-12)

Shady's Landscaping and Design, LLC (expires 2016-12-03)

Stacey Crowder (Yoga Instructor) (expires 2016-08-29)

St. Charles Pool and Spa (expires 2016-07-01)

Town & Country Nursery (expires 2016-08-01)


Expired - please have vendor review our insurance requirements and send a new Certificate before starting any work:


Asphaltic Maintenance (EXPIRED 2015-04-19)

Bax Engineering Workers Comp and Liability (WC EXPIRED 2015-09-07,  Liability 2015-10-01)



Minimum Insurance requirements for Augusta Shores:

Workers Compensation - statutory coverage, employers liability $1,000,000. Coverage for all employees to include proprietors, partners and LLC members.

Comprehensive General Liability - $1,000,000 limits to include completed operations.

Auto Liability - $1,000,000 liability limits.

Must name Augusta Shores Owners Association as an additional insured.


(updated 03/19/2016)

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